HPCM High Performance Control Monitor



Of compact dimensions and no compromise construction the HPCM is a loudspeaker possessing accurate phase response, remarkably extended frequency response and high power handling capability.

The dimensions of the enclosures have been carefully selected to avoid internal reflections. The narrow baffle with reverse angled edges minimizes edge defraction and secondary radiation. High power handling capability has been achieved by a use of the massively constructed styrene and fibreglass coned woofer in the sealed enclosure, combined with ferrofluid damping of the mid-range and tweeter units. Both the mid-range and bass unit have their rear radiation absorbed in separate and tapered cabinet sections. An in-line configuration of drive units produces precise and stable stereo imagery. A full third order crossover rejects inter-driver coupling, whilst maintaining an accurate transfer function and presenting a smooth impedance curve to the amplifier.

This visually attractive compact loudspeaker, fulfills all the requirements of a high-level monitoring system. It offers uncompromising performance and will accurately reproduce all material of the widest dynamic range.



670 x 370 x 290 mm (26.8" x 14.8" x 11.6") wide

Drive Units

300 x 210 mm (11 3/4" x 8 1/4") Bass Unit - Styrene/fibreglass cone 100 mm (4") Mid-range - Engineered polymer cone - Ferro-fluid damped 20 mm Tweeter - Chemical dome ferro-fluid damped

Crossover Frequencies

300 Hz and 2.8 kHz

Frequency Response

37 Hz to beyond audibility


Pink noise at 1 metre - 86 dB at 1 watt

Matching Impedance

8 ohms nominal

Recommended Amplifier Power

Not less than 30 watts per channel RMS

Net Weight

36 Kilos (79.20 Ibs) (pair)

Gross Weight

49 Kilos (107.80 Ibs) (pair)

Cabinet Finish

Walnut Veneer - Brown foam fronts

Subject to alteration without notice

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