SACM Special Application Control Monitor

IMF SACM Special Application Control Monitor


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Vintage IMF Special Application Control Monitors.

They were made in England in the early to mid 80's This is one of the last pair made by IMF. They sold for about $5000. There were only about 3000 pairs produced. The s/n is 2902. These have all of the factory revisions made after the original introduction. The SACM was specifically intended as a reference standard for both labatory and studio control room application. They are ruthlessly accurate without any consideration or concession to the input signal. The unrivaled and balanced response is appararent from the lowest to the highest frequencies, with phase accuracy and dispersion that creates completely stable stereo imagery with exceptional depth. The bass enclosure produces fast and accurate low frequency information which only a true transmission line can do. The mid range unit is completely isolated from the bass line, mounted in a wedge shaped cabinet with minimum frontal area and non parallel sides. This design avoids the problems associated with mid-range baffle effects and also enables radiation from the rear of the mid range unit to be absorbed very efficently. Internal bracing of both mid-range and bass enclousures ensures that spurious resonances are minimized which greatly contributes to avoidance of colouration. The tweeter and super tweeter are effectively mounted in free air by a support bracket. The use of ferro-fluid increases the power handling of these units and permits a wide frequency range with minimal distortion. The mid range enclosure and tweeters can be separated from the bass units if desired. The cabinets are veneered in the finest American Walnut. The veneer is carefully matched on all four enclosures. All drivers are original factory matched for this model. Stands are included. Frequency response is 17Hz to 40kHz. Impedence- 8 ohms nominal Crossover frequencies- 350 Hz, 3khz and 13kHz Dimensions overall on stands- 55 in high, 18 wide and 16 deep. Weight- 280 lbs (pair) Efficiency- 80-82 db depending on control settings Recommended amplifier power- not less than 50 wpc. Buyer to pay actual shipping charges. I will build plywood boxes for shipping if necessary. Buyer to pay for materials. Payment method preferred is money order. E-mail if you need more info or pictures. Note: The walnut veneer is darker on the bass enclosure under the mid range enclosure. It is not noticeable when the mid renge enclosure is in place. This is from more light exposure on the exposed surfaces. Several coats of oil should darken the cabinet again.