Studio Monitor

IMF Studio Monitor


The Studio Monitor is the smallest speaker in which full transmission line bass loading is available. It incorporates the technical advances achieved in our Professional Monitor loudspeakers, on which it is based.

Our specially developed bass unit is loaded by a carefully damped and tapered transmission line which allows tight and firm bass to be produced. At very low frequencies this can be felt as well as heard, bringing a naturalness and accuracy to all kinds of input material.

The mid-range driver is mounted directly above the tweeter in its own tapered and damped line. This produces a better isolation from bass feed-through and the improved enclosure rigidity allows these vital frequencies to be reproduced without unwanted resonances.

The new tweeter is the type used in our Professional Monitor designs. It is ferro-fluid damped, considerably increasing power handling and avoiding distortion. The lack of a large mounting flange allows it to be placed very close to the mid-range unit, in an "in-line" configuration. Low-loss multi-strand heavy copper cable is used for all internal wiring.

The result is a loudspeaker with a close-clustered drive unit arrangement that covers the audio spectrum, and well beyond. Low colouration and the capability of wide dynamic range provides the exemplary performance that is necessary for modern programme material.

The Studio Monitor is fitted with a three position perspective control. In the central normal '0' position the mean hemispherical response is nominally flat. The '-' position tailors the mid band energy to provide a response which psych acoustically increases the effective distance of the listener from the transmitted performance. Similarly in the '+' position, the mid and high frequencies are brought forward to provide an integrated response at a closer listening position. This enhances some popular music presentations, especially under conditions of high ambient noise.

In keeping with our insistence on ultimate quality, the finest grade American Walnut veneer is used on the mirror-matched enclosures. This is complemented by an attractive self-coloured brown acoustically transparent foam front. Stands are provided.

Used in conjunction with high-quality ancilliary equipment, these loudspeakers will truly fulfil "The Promise of Excellence".



880 x 350 x 390 mm (34 5/8" x 13 3/4" x 15 3/8") wide

Overall height on stand 1000 mm (39 3/8")

Drive Units

200 mm (8") Bass unit - engineered polymer cone

100 mm (4") Mid-range engineered polymer cone

20 mm (3/4") H.F. Tweeter chemcial dome; ferro-fluid damped

Crossover Frequencies

375 Hz and 3 kHz

Frequency Response

23 Hz to 40 kHz


Pink noise at 1 metre - 81 dB at 1 watt


Perspective control

Matching Impedance

8 ohms nominal

Recommended Amplifier Power

Not less than 30 watts per channel RMS

Net Weight

57 Kgs (125.4 Ibs.) (pair with stands)

Gross Weight

78 Kgs (171.6 Ibs.) (pair with stands)

Cabinet: Heavily braced and deadened high-density epoxy saturated particle board. Internally veneered and finished externally with the finest American Walnut veneer.

Subject to alteration without notice

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